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Top 5 Brands to Lookout for in 2018

Published Jan 22, 2018 by admin

Words: Richard Meodow


A constantly changing part of life is fashion, currently, in menswear, there are a lot of different trends to follow. This article is about 5 different brands that all have their own alternative edge to current trends, ranging from streetwear to outdoor clothing brands here are the labels to spot in 2018.




Tracksmith is a gym wear brand labelled with a running hare insignia, they offer performance running apparel with a twist compared to the leading sports brands. Tracksmith doesn’t focus on having techfit clothing in their range and prefers to focus on the amateur spirit of runners in the beginning. Their clothing is regular or oversized fit and has a casual 1970’s/80’s style compared to current trends. Tracksmith uses current technology in their apparel so people wearing their clothes are receiving high-quality products that are designed to perform. It’s also a popular fashion choice, if you’re looking for a casual retro brand for around the house or looking relaxed it’s also a range to consider.




Jameson Carter

With a quick rise of mens streetwear fashion, Jameson Carter has come with it. JC is the logo of the high-end streetwear brand that offers a range of tracksuits, caps and t-shirts. The collection is premium designed, and a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing it in the last year. The brand itself inspires confidence and their JC branded caps are one to look out for.

Jameson Carter




Provision & Co is a fashion style to watch out for, P&Co is inspired by motorcycle clothing and truly focuses on the lifestyle of bikers. The branding is usually subtle on their clothing but is blocked out by the artistic designs they combine the clothing with, large eagles, skulls and pinup girls are easily noticed on their t-shirts and jackets. The graphics P&Co use are all original and the range doesn’t end with clothing, the brand also focuses on motorcycle accessories to complement their clothing and shows the branding is premium and here to stay.




Passenger Clothing

Passenger Clothing is an outdoor activities brand that has been inspired by the world we live in. Passenger clothing is a company that has designed its garments with the outdoor elements in mind. It doesn’t stop at clothing either, Passenger caters for adventurers completely with a range of blankets, mugs and backpacks. Passengers range isn’t as pricey as competitor outdoor brands and if you prefer a more laidback approach to your explorations Passenger is worth a look at.

Passenger Clothing




Blakely Clothing Co

The east coast of England has created this brand and since 2010 they have offered a clothing range with a nautical essence involved. This brand is very relaxed and focus on the coastal lifestyle and encourages their shoppers to do the same. It’s a consistent range of casual attire that is comfortable and doesn’t focus on branding constantly. The brand is usually worn by young adults but Blakely encourages all to wear and participate in seaside lifestyle at any level.








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