Shake It ‘Til You Make It!

Published Apr 5, 2018 by admin

Calling all those budding cocktail connoisseurs the Recipe Cocktail Shaker is sure to be right up your ally! Turn your kitchen into the perfect space for entertaining in a matter of minutes as any good host or hostess needs the right tools for the job after all a party isn’t complete without a suitable beverage to boot! As any proud homeowner takes great pride in their living space, this Recipe Cocktail Shaker is sure to take pride of place in any home. Using the super stylish and ultra on trend copper plated outer shell which complements beautifully the silver accents.

So tempting to keep it all to yourself, the Cocktail Shaker would make ideal gift this season whether that’s for a big birthday, father’s day or a house warming gift, but that’s if you’re willing to let go!

A’las gone are the days of stacks upon stacks of cocktail recipe books cluttering up the kitchen, this nifty design incorporates a rotating outer shell which upon twisting reveals the ingredients lists of 8 of the most popular cocktail recipes including the famous pina colada, daiquiri, cosmopolitan and much more! Even including an integrated strainer. It’s no longer just happy hour as the drinks continue to flow throughout the evening offering 750ml capacity!

Sit back, relax and enjoy a sip of your margarita and dream of the sunshine, while we sit here awaiting the unpredictability of the great British summer time.

The Recipe Cocktail Shaker is available to buy online from Find Me A Gift for £14.99.


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