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Going Vegan/ Vegetarian for January and want to continue building muscle?

This January many of us are filling our plates with plant-based food to help our environment, animals and post Christmas bodies.

Although getting protein from a variety of plant-based products is relatively easy, what is less easy is ensuring you are getting the correct protein.

“Plant-based proteins are very low in essential amino acids, and without animal or dairy-based protein, it’s harder for vegetarians and vegans to get a quality supply of nutrients,” says Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., director of the Human Performance and Sports Nutrition Lab at the University of Tampa.

Amino acids are the building blocks for protein and stimulate protein synthesis which turns on the muscle building effect.  Without the key variety and level of amino acids your body needs, your muscle building potential will be curbed.

The richest sources of the nine amino acids which your body is unable to produce come from red meat, chicken, eggs and dairy; making this particularly important for vegans who want to build muscle.

To help vegans and vegetarians reach the desired level and variety of amino acids to promote muscle synthesis gym-goers can use work out supplements.  It has been scientifically proven that supplementing can help keep your muscles from breaking down.  For example, a Japanese study found that women who took BCAA supplements before a workout recovered from post-gym muscle soreness faster in the following hours and days, and a study based in Brazil found that 3000milligrams of BCAAs increased the amount of oxygen in participants’ bloodstreams, which lead to them feeling less tired post workout.

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